Are you looking for a private invastigator?

Private Detective Agency Ajax R&S own the right equipment, qualified team and most importantly - rich experience for solving your case

Who are we?

Detective Agency Ajax R&S has been working in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for 7 years.

So far there are over 600 solved cases. We use the assistance of an experienced team, including former employees of the Police Department. Also a major factor is the extensive network of contacts we have built up over years and years of professional work. We have quality equipment and extensive auto park. We ensure loyalty, honest and anonymity to our clients.

What can we offer to you?

Detective Services for individuals

Monitoring and detection of expected facts and circumstances in double-age crisis, problems with children or family conflicts.
Tracing , fugitive, missing persons,or persons without a permanent address.
Investigation for civil status, behavior and actions of individuals .
Clarification of biographical and other data, characterizing certain natural or legal persons. .
Data collection for proving of facts, which may be cause for conflict between individual persons or corporations, or may be used to end these conflicts. .
Collection of Information for civil and criminal cases. .

Detective Services for corporations:

Detection of persons or circumstances relating to industrial espionage or the protection of company secrets. .
Researching the market, collecting information for business negotiations and unreliable partners.
Finding facts and circumstances of unfair competition, proof of violations in the realization of the rights of intellectual property objects. .

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Why Detective Agency Ajax R&S?

We operate in this sector for years and we have more than 600 successfully solved cases.
We have a rich material base - means of communication, transport, monitoring, collecting and documenting data.
We work with very experienced team and have a wide network of contacts.
And last but not least - because we guarantee complete privacy, responsible attitude, loyalty and efficiency.